The Truth About NATLFED

February 8, 2009

The Truth About NATLFED

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If you had an encounter with National Labor Federation or any of its subordinate groups (Eastern Farm Workers Association, Eastern Service Workers Association, Women’s Press Collective in Brooklyn, Northwest Seasonal Workers Association, California Homemakers Association, Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals, Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, Western Service Workers Association, Western Farm Workers Association, just to name a few) you might want to learn more about the inner workings of this organization.

Some call it a cult.  In its beginnings, NATLFED was a dedicated labor organization.  It strove to organize the unrecognized worker strata of the country (those not protected by the labor laws of the country).  It suffered from the losses of key leaders such as Mary Donovan Seeber (left after fellow leaders refused to support her as Chair and eventually murdered), Mary ‘Polly’ Gardner (died of untreated breast cancer), David Shapiro (left after a falling out with fellow leaders), David Mitchell (abandoned the organization after his incarceration), Nelle Christensen (left calling Gino and the Organization a fraud, not on indefinite medical leave) and finally, the death of the founder Gino Perente.

When the new regime took over under the leadership of Margaret Ribar in 1995, the Organization changed radically.  The Organization’s new focus of passive revolution replaced its previous effort of establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat through whatever means necessary.  Many key leaders were expelled.  Democratic centralism was replaced with selective centralism.  The membership body no longer had any say in the strategies or tactics.

The current leadership is attempting to change the perspective that the Organization is a cult.  If a person leaves, he or she is “free” to do so (this is very different from the period before 1996).  Communal living arrangements have been reduced from numbers in the thirties to numbers by the handful or less.  Reports of physical abuse have decreased after the 1996 raid.  However, former cadres do continue to talk about psychological and emotional trauma suffered after that time.

Some choose to refer to NATLFED as a controversial organization.  I prefer to call it a paper tiger, the fight long gone while some desperately cling to the victories of the past.  What is the significance of the IM Young strike today?  Not much has changed to improve working conditions for farm workers on Long Island after 1984.  Some say conditions are worse now than in 1972.

NATLFED is just one fraction of Communist Party USA/Provisional Wing, also called the Provisional Party.  Openly, the Party is called the Organization.  Within some circles, it is called the American Formation.  Other fractions continue to operate while some are defunct, relics of the past.  While they tout expansion with new entities in Alaska and the midwest, they neglect to mention the loss of entities such as Native American Research Bureau or the Association of Federal Aid Students.  The losses far outnumber the new.

The articles within this blog are written by former cadres.  There are three primary periods of the Organization that are indicated as follows:

  1. 1971-1984: the building and expansion of the Organization starting with an assemblage of a few persons, creating Eastern Farm Workers Association, the entity “jumps” (starting offices in other areas across the country).  This was the time that Gino Perente controlled the Organization.  Some believe during this time it was not a cult, that it was a dedicated movement (this is a controversial point).  The Central Committee had real power.
  2. 1984-1995: after the raid at the brownstone complex on Carroll Street, the Organization drastically changed.  Gino was injured in the raid and confined to one apartment.  He still controlled the Organization, while many true believers left after the failed date of the revolution (February 15, 1984).  The Central Committee began to change, decisions often overruled by Gino.
  3. 1995 to present: with Gino’s death March 18, 1995, there was a temporary power struggle until Margaret Ribar assumed control of the Organization.  Even Gino’s last will and testament was subject to debate and re-interpretation.  The first year of her leadership, she aggressively operated a campaign of “better fewer but better” (the purges).  Many cadres were forced out of the Organization, several by violent means while most through psychological or emotional abuse.  The agenda changed from armed struggle to passive revolution (when it comes, it comes).

At this time, the primary authors of this blog are persons from the 1979 to 1996 period, originally from a field entity and then assigned to the National Office Central (NOC).  Field entity assignments are different from administrative entity assignments such as NOC or COSHAD (Committee for Occupational Safety and Health of Attendants and Domestics, the cover for the west coast regional office).  Other former cadres are invited to submit articles for inclusion.

Feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion Board.   This blog intends to educate people about some of the inner workings of the Provisional Party, describe the terminology, educate about the cadre lifestyle, talk about the organizing methodology and more.


January 2, 2018

I don’t know who you are…

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At this point, I probably don’t care anymore.

Troll, apologist, bored loser — I don’t know, nor do I care.  No one reached out inquiring about his brother recently, someone I supposedly had an intimate relationship with at the tender age of ten.  Yet this subject continues to return as a matter of blame.  Ten year olds do not seduce grown men.  That’s what the pedophiles believe, as justification for their lurid behavior.  While suffering years of physical, mental, and psychological abuse, that relationship didn’t happen.  Sorry, Charlie, but you’re going to have to go fishing in another pond.

It amazes me that some of the old venom keeps kicking from time to time.  Maybe it’s because I’ve kept my mouth shut in regards to former contributors.  If they wanted to be known, they were free to post under their names (legal or pseudonym, doesn’t particularly matter much).  Someone once tried analyzing the different writing styles and declared multiple personalities.  Uh, not willing to go for the simpler (and true) explanation of multiple persons?  Right…

I don’t know where is the brother, which entity he supposedly worked at, what happened to him, or even what is his name.  What I do know is that the person claiming a ten-year old seduced a grown man needs to do the research.  Let the experts explain why pedophiles allow such delusions to persist.  Blaming the child for being the victim?  Hell, didn’t even happen to me, but that’s something that someone is unwilling to accept.  It’s been kicking around for seven or eight years.

Occasionally, I get the sincere inquiry.  Is such-and-such a front?  Do I have any idea what happened to so-and-so?  What’s happening in the front organizations?  Not much, aside from complaints about lack of delivering, but that’s another story.  Yes, another complaint from a person with a disability denied benefits because she did not volunteer enough time.  More stories of abysmal holiday distributions (the nuns delivered more baskets in one single day than one of the fronts did all season, and they ran for two weeks straight).

It’s not about boo hoo.  Whatever tears there were, they were long ago shed.  It’s my opinion that the various discussions are practically nil because most survivors moved on with their lives.  Sure, we can’t deny that the cult had an impact on our lives — should have taken the right turn instead of the left, you see.  Still, it’s noteworthy that the present is more important than the past for us.  As for my being discredited, so be it.  When the three of us started this blog, we knew someone sooner or later was going to throw the feces.  So, last one at the table ends up paying the diner check, and I’m okay with that.

It’s difficult to find out what’s happening inside the secret core of the cult.  We can only rely on survivor stories.  Those who didn’t survive are six feet under, victims of cult abuse.  How many died because they couldn’t get treatment for serious medical conditions including cancer?  Or when the cult decided it had to act, it was too late?  Yet it’s okay for the top leaders to ride around in fancy limousines, diamonds, and real furs.  It’s also okay to make members surrender all assets, inheritances, and dowries.  (Sarcasm, in case you didn’t get that in the last two sentences.).

I think not.

There’s no point in continuing the conversation.  I think it’s been said many times before, far more eloquently than it’s been said today.  Ten year olds do not seduce grown men.

December 10, 2017

You doxied me?

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Every now and again, I receive an e-mail from someone I knew long ago in a cult far, far away.  It’s usually kind of like hi, how are you doing, good to see you’re nuts/fine/okay, etc.  Sometimes it’s angry, bitter, cold, hostile — how dare I post this dribble on the net, I’m a pathological liar, I’m reinventing history.  I received a curious correspondence from a person that I’ve never heard of, and rather assumed after my response that would be the end of the matter.  The person proved most persistent.

This woman is on a mission of getting into heaven.  She is atoning for her sins, going way back to childhood, not too worried about the ‘accidentally on purpose’ causing someone to scrap a knee, but more concerned about the serious and egregious things she had done in her youth.  She is proud that she found Jesus.

I didn’t know Jesus was lost — ba-DUMB-t’ass.

She wants me to forgive her for what she did to me.  I kind of scratched my head, thought about growing up in desperate poverty, vicious abuse, and losing out on many opportunities.  I only had a name but quite frankly it didn’t ring any bells.  I wanted to be friendly instead of snarky but this woman insisted she was once one of my best friends until she completely and totally ruined my life.  Pray do tell more!  At that instant, I knew someone was trolling or seriously deluded.

I decided what the hell and go along with it for a while.  After all, I’ve had former cultists as well as some of their family members make some interesting claims (the one about being a ten-year old girl seducing someone’s brother into joining the cult, yes, that kind of perverted claim that pedophiles like to insist upon).  Maybe this woman was using a married name, divorced name, whatever.  In the meantime, I’ve started hunting down a copy of my old yearbook.  In the number of moves, it became lost along the way.

The incident that ruined my life, apparently, was this woman’s claim it was her fault I was accused of cheating on the SAT.  Well, that was true.  I remember that day taking the test along with three hundred or so other classmates.  Every administrator was parading about the gym where the chairs with the one arm desk platforms were lined up in neat rows and sections.  It was very cold.  I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  I remember the embarrassment when the principal walked up to me, grabbed the hood of my sweatshirt, and hauled me out of the gym.

This woman had my attention.  I responded that it was true, I was accused of cheating on the SAT.  I asked her how it was her fault.  After all, I suppose it could have been like the pseudoscience fake mind readers and psychics who use the cold method before honing in on a victim in an audience.  Someone with a name starting with J is trying to contact, some with a first name that starts with the letter M, and then an A.  We’ve all seen that scam.

She said she was the one that balled up the index card and threw it at me so she wouldn’t get caught.  Okay, definitely getting my attention, because the principal did find a wadded up index card near the hood of my sweatshirt.  I suppose if I had shorter hair, whoever had thrown it would have scored three points.  That was a little too creepy knowing about the hooded sweatshirt and the crumpled up index card.  It brought back a lot of bad memories.

Cheating on the SAT is a serious offense in high school.  Back in the days, it was an important test that, if scored well enough, could open doors for scholarships.  I studied very hard for the test, wanting to do the best.  I never got to finish, nor did I get to retake the test.  Someone had meticulously written on the card a series of answers in the tiniest print imaginable.  Some of the punishment was immediate.  I was kicked out of the honor society.  My schedule was changed, moving me into lower classes (regular English instead of honors English).  I was pulled out of several elective classes.  I had enough to graduate but even that was under scrutiny.  Without the SAT, all sorts of scholarship offers disappeared.

I’ve been trying to remember how long it took for the investigation into the matter to take.  I was thinking like a month, maybe two.  While the principal eventually conceded that the handwriting on the card was not mine, just the fact that I had it was damning.  The answers on that card were spot on correct.  It wasn’t the complete test answers.  No, I suppose that would have been a miracle.  My answers were mostly correct.  They decided I was smart enough to know that a perfect score would have been too suspicious.

I never understood why the entire test was not invalidated.  After all, they did say that someone else must have been involved and they wanted me to give up the names.  How could I give them something I didn’t have?  The only reason I wasn’t expelled was because my father threatened and eventually began legal proceedings against the school.  He may have been a mostly absent parent, but that was one of the rare times that he came through for me.  The rest of the school year, I suffered silently.  Yes, I graduated, but I was not allowed to walk on stage to get my diploma.

That was a very long time ago.

I was angry at being reminded of such things.  However, I did not trust the contact by a person claiming she was the one who threw the balled up card at me.  She said she panicked.  She said she was one of my best friends.  She felt bad for distancing herself from me, pretty much like everyone else did.  I only had one friend who believed me.  Most of my siblings saw it as another way to torment me.  At the time, I was aware of most of the half-brothers and sisters in my strange family.  My father married four times and God only knows how many he had on the side.  I think it was sixteen or seventeen brothers and sisters (currently it’s up to twenty-two known).

It was her claim that she was my best friend that didn’t sit well with me.  I had no idea who the hell she was.  Now, I’m not going to come up with a deus ex machina and say I miraculously obtained another copy of my high school yearbook.  Those are pretty much lost in time.  The school might have one on display or on a shelf somewhere, but they don’t have any for sale (original or reproductions).  No one has ever bothered organizing a class reunion just for our graduating class.  They’ve done reunions for several classes at once.  It’s simply too small of a school and too much lack of interest from alumni to warrant the effort.  After what happened to me, I’m certainly not going to invest money to fly three thousand miles.

I told her I still did not know her.  I was unable to forgive her as long as she maintained that I was her best friend.  You see, she wants forgiveness.  Maybe she was the one who threw the crumpled card.  That, I could forgive.  Doing so under a false pretense of once being friends?  Yeah, nice try.  I didn’t hear back from her for a couple of weeks.  When she did resume contact, she had more ‘proof’ that we knew each other.  She included an old photo, kind of blurry, probably scanned I guess (I don’t know).  It was the night of a band concert and I was supposedly one of the oboists.  Maybe there was some likeness but I wasn’t in the band nor did I ever play the oboe.  It was still creepy because I always did want to play the oboe but couldn’t afford lessons.

After I told her I was not in the band, I thought that was the end of it.  It took a few days, but she resumed contact.  I realized she was still cold reading the situation.  She claimed she sent the wrong photo.  She had a different photo, another grainy reproduction, of a high school play.  Yeah, after what happened with the SAT, even if I did want to be in the play, I certainly wasn’t allowed.  I was kicked out of everything extracurricular.  Okay, another miss in the cold reading.  The pros know to move on.

It didn’t take long for the next photo to arrive, and this one was digitally cleaned up (I’m guessing).  Before my fall from grace, I was the one delegated from a school club to present a scroll to the school board in appreciation of them opting to continue offering some language classes as electives.  They eliminated German and Russian (I think also Norwegian or some other like it) but kept the major Romance languages.  Clearly, this person was honing in.

Well, okay, you made a hit.  It’s an impressive feat considering how long ago these events occurred and how little is on the internet.  Even I can’t find that old photo on the school site.  It may have been in the yearbook.  It made me wonder why this woman was selecting me out of three hundred or so classmates for this particular contact.  I was convinced it was a scam, an elaborate hoax, or just someone completely off her rocker.  If the contact had initiated through this blog, I would have chalked it up to one of the apologists just screwing with me.

Now you’re probably wondering how did this woman initiate contact.  It came in the strangest way.  Not Facebook or any mainstream social media.  It came through a creative writing website.  Yes, a bizarre platform to initiate such a strange contact.  And of course my error was not unchecking a box that said publish my e-mail address.  The first couple of contacts came through messages on that site but eventually started coming to my personal e-mail.  The box has since been unchecked, in case you’re thinking of doing a doxie.

It remains unanswered her real motives.  I found it peculiar that someone on a relatively specific and kind of maybe popular but didn’t make the top ten writing platforms just coincidentally happened to be a person sitting behind me at the SAT exam.  I don’t know what this person has to gain with such a ruse.  She wasn’t aware that I was once involved in a cult, or maybe she’s waiting to spring that on me if she chooses to continue with the charade.

If she wants forgiveness for ruining my life by throwing that crumpled up card at me, I would gladly give it.  I can’t do anything to change the past.  Yet I can’t give it because she said she was my best friend and I have no idea who the hell she is.  I tried searching the internet.  It was one of those common names that generates thousands of hits in general.  In my old stomping grounds, it generated probably a fair number of hits.  As I honed in closer, I did find someone with that name who was in the graduating class.

This is where I get really bitter.  That person did go to college and graduated not with high honors but still that’s better than no college.  She worked in retail for a while, married well, had a family, grandchildren, lived a relatively comfortable life, takes cruises as vacations, once traveled Europe, even entered local politics as a minor city official.  If she was the one who threw that card at me, it was unfair for me.  She led a charmed life, it seemed.  I guess I did feel a little jealous until I remembered that someone was scamming me for something.

What did this person have to gain?  She is born again and needs forgiveness from those she wronged during her life.  She said she wronged me and most needed my forgiveness.  I didn’t know this person.  She was never a friend of mine.  She wasn’t in any of my classes that I can remember, either before or after the fall.  It was over thirty years ago, so maybe my memory is faulty.  Sorry, doll face, but even if we did know each other, I can’t forgive you.  You’ll have to settle knowing you tried, and that meets acceptance within your born again religion.  We were not best friends like you claimed.  I didn’t run in the cliques.  I was not quite a loner, just a small circle of friends, and I lost those except one.

I haven’t heard back from her.  Maybe she’s reconsidering her contact, or maybe she’s just moving on to someone more gullible.  I don’t know, nor do I particularly care.  There are those on the internet who take delight in anonymously screwing around with people because they’re losers and it’s the only time they come out on top.  I’ll never know if she really is who she claims to be.  I’m not going to start a chain reaction of contacting someone from over thirty years ago asking if it’s really her.

This may sound irrelevant to the cult discussions, but it does offer certain opportunities to show that anyone with enough information can attempt manipulating a person into believing certain things.  Manipulative behavior is not exclusive to cults.  I almost thought about not including my secret desire to play the oboe as a kid.  I figure, what’s the harm.  It never happened and isn’t going to ever happen.  If someone wants to taunt and torment me with it, well, go for it.  I lost interest a long time ago.

Lesson learned.  The letter J is contacting the letters MA.

November 5, 2017

Lookie loos go home!

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I think we all know the term.  Lookie loos like to carefully examine stuff for a long time before they make a decision whether or not to purchase the item.  More often than not, they’re time wasters.  They tie up the sales clerk or dealer.  Everyone else has to wait until the lookie loo is finished with his or her laundry list of questions or problems.  If you have ever been in a drive through, you hate being stuck behind that car.  Of course, in that situation the lookie loo will make a purchase (drive throughs are escape proof — once you’re in the lane, it’s barricaded so you can’t leave until passing the pay window).

Every now and again, I get one of those inquiries.  Seriously, you want to pick my brain clean and when you’re not getting the answer you want, you move on to someone else.  Personally, I don’t care what “another former cadre” told you, especially one that I’ve never met.  If it pleases you to believe a different stranger than myself, go for it.  You’re looking for a red and white checkered 1,000 thread count tablecloth but all I have is sea-foam green polyester.

A very long time ago, circuses used side-show freaks as added attractions.  Some were quite grotesque.  People gawked at the camel girl or squealed in delight when midgets juggled balls.  Persons recovering from cults are not sitting in a tent waiting for you to pay your nickel so you can have a look at how damaged we have become.  Also, the hawker or ringmaster made sure that nickel paid for a specific amount of time.  One look for one minute was one nickel.  If you wanted to stay longer, you had to give the man another nickel.

I am unwilling to apologize for the lack of online support group forums.  I think the last one practically folded, exists in name only, someone posts once in a blue moon.  Why?  People move on, lose interest, oh another troll apologist, ancient pissing contests come back to life, and the list continues.  Odds bodkins!  (Someone’s been watching pirate movies!).  If you are that rankled there isn’t an active group, start one.

The experts have large databases on the mainstream cults as well as certain eclectic groups that sensationalized headlines by drinking the special fruit punch.  When it comes to NATLFED, they have very little.  They have some press clippings, one or two personal testimonials, and maybe some forum discussions buried deep inside the archives (one site lost its archives during a transitional phase).  They are fiercely competitive with each other (yeah, cult experts saying so-and-so just took his idea from someone else).  Maybe at first they truly wanted to help people but now there is money to be made.

Over the years, a number of persons have contributed to this weird little blog that somehow continues.  Fifteen contributors, all writing under the same pseudonym.  There may have been more.  I’m not the original blog owner.  Also, I don’t keep sophisticated records.  I pissed off the last two when I took away their access.  I thought it was a simple request.  I just wanted to know if either of them gave someone the login credentials.  One vehemently denied it while the other just stopped communicating.  That’s right, you can’t trust us former cadre.  We fight, bicker, argue, sound like raving lunatics, oh my!

That’s alright.  We’re still recovering after all these years.  If you want to become a contributor, I’ll consider it, but I won’t be trusting you with the keys to the liquor cabinet.  You’ll have to settle for what’s on the bar: very cheap vodka and stale pretzels.

I can’t tell you who’s running what entity.  Well, I can, but my information is somewhat dated.  I haven’t seen a copy of Invest Yourself in a long time, but even still that guide was never 100% accurate.  I can’t even tell you who’s currently in the top leadership positions (we all know Margaret is still around).  What I can tell you is that people remain weirded out when they go to an entity, see quaint little typewriters, people typing on index cards, and yes!  Carbon paper and white out!  Some things never change.

As to the notion that the last of the original founders is still with the group?  Uh, what reality are you living in?  It started with six people, and they’re all dead.  I’m sure someone tells people she was one of the originals, but she was elsewhere.  The group was notorious for stealing various claims, such as setting up their safe house at the same place the Berrigan Brothers once hid.  If you do your research, you’ll find the truth.  I could tell you, but then again, “so-and-so” says I’m not to be believed.  (Go on, do the research…you know you want to.).

Serious inquiries will be entertained, but up until a certain point.  I’m not in this to make friends, win your respect, or smile politely while you consider 1,000 thread count versus polyester.  Unlike the sales clerks, I don’t make a dime.  There is no hawker collecting nickels for every minute you want to gawk at the freak.  Make it quick and move on because I don’t have time for you to sit on the fence.  Go sit on someone else’s fence.

If you think this is a “messed up” post, that’s fine too.  Cult survivors are damaged persons trying to recover.  There are no “NATLFED Anonymous” support groups nor 12 steps that will magically heal a person.  What I can tell you is that you’re here so you’re looking for answers (or maybe you’re the apologist troll).  Wow, starting to sound a little jaded, so I think it’s time to end this little rant.

Do the research.  I might be crazy but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

October 22, 2017

Random thoughts strung together

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I’m apparently bat shit crazy, and you know – I’m okay with that.

It’s amazing how many former cadre abandon those that the cult labeled as insane.  I mean – really!  Even within the ranks of the formers, there are cliques.  There are the normals, your everyday Joe or Jane who just happened to get caught up in the cult.  There are the professionals, persons with alphabets of letters representing their educational and professional status (doctors, lawyers, keep listing).  Some believed in the group’s claim that it could really do it, but so forbidden to do it they left to start something else.  There are the crazies, and apparently, this blog caters to those that the cult labeled as such.

I could keep listing the various cliques, I suppose.  Right now, I’m more interested in some of the mini-cliques – persons harmed by specific individuals with the Organization.  I’m not talking about the Old Man or Her Majesty.  While he did many things and she continues doing many things, there were and still are others who do things.

Certain personal relationships with non-cadre are disallowed.  Okay, I’ll spell it out for you: sexual relationships.  It’s difficult to know who’s going to snicker like a juvenile or cry foul.  That pretty much means if you’re interested in someone that way, the person has to be in the cult.  If the potential significant other is not in the cult, you could attempt to recruit him or her.  While that may seem a good idea, just remember that someone else in the cult would figure it out and you would be politically reeducated.  Alternatively, they might even let you recruit the person but then ship the new recruit (or even yourself) elsewhere.

How many cadre abandoned the ranks because of a sexual relationship?  If you were MF, it was expressly forbidden as part of the discipline.  Just something about being a 3 x 5-index card, I guess (this is an attempt at a humorous reminder of a cadre explaining MF in a courtroom).  Non-MF persons were not forbidden, but there was an official Relationships Briefing.  I don’t know if it’s still in use.

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Is cult violence very similar to domestic violence?  I suppose it depends on how fussy you are about the labels.  There are many similarities in experiences suffered by women.  There is a false notion that only men can be abusers.  In this day and age of equality, some women can be just as bad if not worse than the men can.

Remember, the group was about control.  Every second of your life was subject to scrutiny, education, reeducation, discipline, the list continues.  It was all for the Organization.  It started in 1971, gathering persons for something new that would do it.  The first office opened on Long Island in 1972, and plans made with a twelve-year timetable to achieve the goal.  Why twelve?  That diverts from the usual five-year plans most people have learned about in study.  The simple explanation was because of the highly industrialized status of the country.  I’ve discussed the chickened out and blaming each other for why it didn’t happen in 1984.  Twelve years turned into forty-five years and still nothing.

As far as I know, no one has conducted a poll on the number of women raped by males in the group.  Yes, everyone knows about the Old Man.  How many women did he liaison with?  I don’t suppose I’ll ever really know with any certainty as he took that to the grave with him.  Some claimed it happened to them, wanting the attention.  He had a way of picking and choosing.  Others wanted to be part of that harem.  Then there are those who were not involved in such a manner with him yet others insist they are lying because of the persons’ frequent work with the Old Man.  I guess just because you made the man a pot of tea that meant you were also doing it.

Some former cadres are completely preoccupied with the notion of who was involved with whom.  So-and-so was with this-and-that.  Sounds rather callous at first, at least until they start talking about the notorious males that always had some sort of forced harem.  Remember, you couldn’t date someone outside of the group, so you had to liaison with someone in the group whether or not they wanted it.  One person suggested the victim had a choice.  Sure, let’s blame the victim again (I hope you realize the sarcasm).

There were a few married couples in the group, having joined as a couple.  I can’t give you the number of women raped by one certain husband while the wife went running off to San Francisco to complain about it.  I can’t give you the number of women who actively sought out the adulterous affair.  The lines are blurred in attempting to delineate consent versus non-consent.  There were also the women who were chased out by the wife in an extremely violent manner claiming an affair that simply wasn’t true.  Again, I can’t give you numbers, only that five such women remain confused to this day and shared their stories.

If you say something repeatedly, deprive a person of sleep, imprison them in a room for a month, nag them endlessly, have others say it too, well, it’s settled: it must be true.  I found myself questioning my own sanity.  The marriage was dysfunctional anyway.  The wife didn’t want the husband associating with so many females because of relationships.  The one thing in common that the five women related was the wife accusing them of being the reason why the husband wanted to commit suicide.  That’s some expert manipulation.

It begs the question: why were the women allowed to remain at that entity?  If the problem was so persistent, why not transfer out the husband and wife?  Problem solved, right?  At the very least, transfer out the women allegedly involved.  You don’t keep women in that situation for months.  She knows about us.  What us?  That’s my man – stay away from him.  What are you talking about?  I’m sorry I slept with you.  What the hell?  He nearly killed himself because of you.  Enough is enough already.  If the woman didn’t break from the couple’s madness and flee on her own, she was unceremoniously and violently forced out with no place else to go except a park bench or an emergency shelter.

This is coming up again because recovery takes a long time.  Some of you are probably thinking get over it.  That was twenty years ago.  It’s a long time to bear that burden.  Others suffered before while others suffered after.  It was allowed to continue by the Organization.  After all, they needed people off balance.

There are too many other situations.  Women have been afraid to speak up because of the association with the cult.  Apparently, women deserved it for joining the Organization.  Recruitment of new and younger persons proves difficult.  People are unwilling to disconnect.  I think it was about a year ago when someone contacted the blog and mentioned that the offices still do not use computers; instead, they continue to use typewriters, index cards, carbon paper, etc.  There is no Netflix, only rabbit ear antennas.  Wow, that was the reason not to join?  Well, I suppose the lack of modernization because of the paranoia of Big Brother out to get you has some advantage.

The cult is taking advantage of the recent wave of natural disasters (hurricanes, wildland fires, and earthquakes).  I’m sure they’re raising plenty of money.  Someone joked that Her Majesty needed a new limousine and wanted a private jet.  After all, the front organizations must send ten percent to the national office.

Just a curious aside – I remember one time way back in the days of non-stop phone banking at the penthouse ADAR when myself and another woman were give a pile of contacts from GOD (yes, that was a position: General Organization Director).  One contact in particular did not want to donate, so GOD instructed one woman to remind the contact about a certain fling with a particular woman when the two taught at university.  Yeah, that went well, as the contact saw fit to relate about an incident involving GOD and another woman.  It went downhill from there.  Being somewhat young and naïve at the time, both the other woman as well as the contact found humor in my grabbing a dictionary because I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

If you decide that some former cadre aren’t worth your time corresponding with because you think they’re bat shit crazy, well, that’s your prerogative.  Not everyone who the Organization claimed as crazy really were crazy.  Let’s remember the cadre forced to take psychiatric medications because a person in position of authority found an excuse to put down that person by whatever means necessary.  Such authority persons had little to no medical training and definitely weren’t even licensed.

How did they get the pills?  I know where they came from but proof about the how is difficult to obtain.  One doctor who left probably had no idea for a very long time that the cult still used his credentials.  That was in part why the cult lost the penthouse apartment.  The building management finally reviewed the situation after receiving a complaint that the doctor hadn’t lived there for several years.  The female cadre assigned to assume the role of the female person on the lease did so because she was ordered to, even though she was not the named person nor did she try to say she was the named person.  Confusing?  Her story (what the Organization told her to say) was that she was the girlfriend after the other girlfriend, the doctor left, and even though her name wasn’t on the lease, she essentially had rights as well as permission from the doctor to remain.

It is not my intent to besmear the persons who run around calling some former cadre crazy.  They simply don’t know what happened to that person.  They bought into the lies fed to them by the cult.  It is true that many people exited the group in fragile and damaged conditions.  If you follow some of the forums, you can still see some of the behaviors taught by the Organization continue.  I’m not the top dog, trying to sway everyone into a particular camp.  I’m just offering a view based on certain experiences.

If you’ve wondered why there has been a dearth of posts lately, it’s really quite simple.  It’s down to one person, and yes, in the process I offended a couple of contributors when I locked down the blog because accounts became compromised.  I know, some of you are thinking that I’m just making that up because I’m a liar.  I’ll never convince you otherwise.  The days of sharing log in and password information are done.

As for old comments permanently deleted, yes, I did that too.  I’ll gladly share with you my reason.  After several years of sharing the log in/password, I really had no idea who might be forwarding along that information to persons not authorized to post blogs or access the administrative dashboard.  I thought I was protecting persons by deleting their comments, which also had their e-mails and ISP addresses recorded in the logs.  A couple of people became upset over that action.  I’m not going to apologize.  If your comment was so valuable, just resubmit it.

The communities of former cadre remain distrustful.  The Organization used to rely on bullying strategies (physical, emotional, and psychological).  Someone told me the cult toned it down and I’m not in a position to agree or disagree.  I’m not in it.  Hell, according to one person, I was never really in it; I was there but just going along for the ride.

Yes, there are damaged persons who may never fully recover from the cult.  It’s difficult to find good help because this particular cult is flying under the radar of many experts.  They might have a blurb or two, even a few articles or testimonials.  You can still glean much information because cults have many similarities.  The Organization is not religious but still utilizes many methodologies in common with mainstream religious cults.

For now, I leave you to your thoughts.  If you made it to the end of this article, that is.  I know that some stopped reading a couple of pages ago (not that same crap again!) and that’s okay too.  I used to be slightly jealous of Diane because she had a passion that others approved of when it came to her efforts.  After she lost the battle to leukemia, I think that’s when things started falling apart.  I’m no Diane.  I don’t know what she really expected when she passed along the reins to me.  Maybe this blog has outlived its usefulness.  Is it fair to keep it going just because she asked me to?

If you are a woman who wants to share your story about the abuses you suffered, contact me.  You can either post it directly under your name, an alias, or do what others have done and submit it to post under the ghostwriter name.  Yeah, I know, to this day plenty of people think it’s always been just me.  Those who contributed in that manner know differently.

Thank you.

August 30, 2017

Scammers, shammers, and flimflammers

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Dear Gentle Readers (and a few nasty loyal cultists),

Times of natural disaster are targets of opportunities for certain cults to fleece the public.  It doesn’t need to always be a cult.  We encourage you to check out who is soliciting donations on behalf of hurricane victims.  Sometimes, they give the campaigns fancy names like Operation Airlift in an attempt to make it sound as if they are transporting tons of resources, and thus need your assistance.  This blog cannot public endorse legitimate groups; only warn you of deceptive practices utilized by persons/groups out to make a fast buck at the expense of those they claim to help.

The group under discussion has no operations in the hurricane disaster zone.  Any claims to the contrary should be treated with skepticism.  Please do the research.

Take care.

May 27, 2017

Ping test, checking in, do not respond

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Some suspicious account activity has been reported to the blog owner.  Comments placed in moderation will undergo strict verification before approval.  It is kindly requested that any private correspondence be directed to the blog owner rather than through the comment moderation system.  I am culling through IP logs (boring, confusing, what is Opera without a great tenor anyway?).  Wow, a couple of  you are still using XP.  True, it was a robust and powerful thing back in the day but so was T-Rex.

I would also like to remind readers that any e-mails from a person alleging to be the original blog owner are not from her.  If you believe in Ouija boards and/or seances, you might contact her that way; she’s not corresponding from an old e-mail account.  It’s been brought to my attention that persons may be in correspondence with someone making that claim.  Blog moderators are currently locked out as an additional precaution in case one of their accounts have been compromised resulting in the suspicious activity.

I don’t “doxie” nor will I tolerate someone’s efforts to “doxie” a former cult member.  Privacy is a major concern of many survivors who fear retribution from the cult, harassment from apologists, toxic conversations with other former cult members, or any other thing that does not immediately leap to my mind as inherently bad or suspicious.

As to tracking down former cadre, it’s not my thing.  I have neither the time nor the resources to do so.  There are a couple of Yahoo groups where former cadre can request membership from the group owner, who is not affiliated with this blog.  You might capture lightning in a bottle.  I’m sure there are other ways too, but again I’m disinterested.  I remember several occasions where persons have contacted moderators with red herring missions.

Have a safe weekend and barbecue an extra hamburger in memory of old friends.

May 22, 2017

What is your best or worst memory of the cult?

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It is my opinion that many former cadre have more “worst memories” than “best memories” from back in the day.  There was definitely a honeymoon period.  After all, the group was intent on recruiting you, so you didn’t suffer from the various torments or physical abuses that came later on.  Some formed friendships that felt genuine, maybe even were genuine, continuing after the cult experience.  Others parted ways for a variety of reasons.

As I look back at the best memories, well, most of them centered around various achievements such as becoming a full member.  At the time, it was a milestone of belonging to a true cause.  Yes, I felt the excitement and happiness.  Did anyone reach that point loathing the day?  Oh no!  I’ve earned a new dot!  It’s relative, of course.  At the time is probably best quantified as a matter of perspective.  Hindsight is 20/20, they say.  I still have a slight scar from the time someone smashed a coffee cup against my skull that required several stitches.

Small achievements brought joy and a sense of accomplishment.  I think most former cadre can remember times with disaster relief units, bringing in and then distributing large quantities of relief items such as food and clothes.  We can also remember being chastised for not recruiting enough through the effort.  People through money, and money through people.  We remember that mantra.  While we did good works, it was never good enough.

Sometimes, we were left in impossible situations.  How many single cadre entities were there?  When those entities did manage to recruit something, what happened?  The new recruit was immediately spirited away to an administrative office, leaving just the one cadre again.  It had the effect of further demoralizing the lone cadre.  I recruited someone and they took him/her away — what’s the point?  Maybe that’s why so many entities with just one cadre remain in that situation for so long.

I suppose there are some who never would have been friends except for a shared existence within the Organization.  I can’t see myself associating with college professors, for example, because most of them have me out-classed.  I’d be lost in conversation without some sort of common ground.  It’s like listening to a classic music station and then reading a playbill.  Chop in?  That work sounds like something Show Pan did.  A doctor would not associate with a working class stiff like myself; he in his fancy BMW while me in my twenty year old Pontiac.  Gosh darn, I need a new car.

There’s a reason many people left.  Ultimately, the circumstances are fairly unique to each person but there are some common grounds.  They grew tired of the physical abuse (or the emotional or psychological abuse).  They felt the Organization lost its way.  They wanted to be with someone (yes, couples had a way of leaving together).  They thought the Organization was the hamster spinning around in the wheel, not going anywhere.  A few left to start something else while others left to find something else.  Some were flat-out tossed out on their butts with no place to go, left in a state of confusion.  There’s more, to be sure.

The Organization became adept at labeling persons who left.  So-and-so was crazy.  We’ve discussed the “crazy” explanation.  Non-medical persons were giving prescription medications to persons they thought met the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for “Condition X,” and half the time the cadre thought they were taking iron supplements or something else seemingly innocuous.  There probably were some persons who suffered disorders, known prior to the person joining the Organization, of course.  The number of persons diagnosed while in the group might prove disturbing if anyone did a survey.  But then again, who would be unafraid or unashamed to say, “Yes, they gave me the red triangle pills and told me they were iron supplements but never told me they were really lithium.”  (Mm, how many of you are now wondering about the red triangle pills?).

There were several who left who did so under a dark cloud and the Organization said he or she stole large sums of money.  If you ask those persons, they’ll deny it.  They all consistently say that the Organization just said that to instill enmity within the cadre ranks and prevent a return.  Of course, the one person who left with any monies from Oldie’s coffers experienced the exact opposite, with the Organization flat-out denying she took any money at all.  I guess it was made up to sell books or something.

Most of the time, persons who left were simply cadre that gave up and joined the ranks of “them” because if you weren’t “us” then you were “them” (and the cult research sites have multiple articles on “we” versus “them” mentality).  There was always a potentiality the person might realize the error of their ways and return.  There was also the potentiality that the Organization could retread them back into the group.  After all, the Organization invested a lot of time and resources into recruiting the person in the first place.  “Crazy” and “dark cloud” persons were usually not considered for retread.

Lately, we’ve been getting a small number of referrals from Facebook.  I’ve been thinking about creating a profile there to see what all the fuss is about.  After the failure of My Space, that was kind of the end of it for me.  I did have someone contact me who indicated he has been in touch with Mary for the past several months.  I scratched my head.  You do know that Diane was Mary and she died over five years ago, right?  It was tempting to be snarky with funny stories about mediums and levitating tables, crystal balls, rattling chains, etc.  She lost the battle with leukemia.  I’m certainly no Diane, that’s for damned sure.  In fact, most people consider me the desperate lackey wanting to cling to someone important so that I feel important.  Yeah, I’m a loser…

Once again, I’ve digressed from the topic.  What were we talking about again?  Oh yes, good memories and bad memories.  Everyone has them.  It’s all a matter of perspective, which is something your therapist has probably explained to you.  While it may have seemed good at the moment you joined as a Viable Cadre, it actually became an anniversary date that requires reconciliation after the cult experience.  Now it seems like a bad thing and wow, why didn’t I realize that at the time?  If  you’re insulted by the plain speech of an average person, Ross and Hassan have good web sites.  If you’re trying to recover, this isn’t the site to hang out on; go to a professional.

We used to have a lot of persons contributing to this site, but many moved on with their lives.  I’m okay, you’re okay; I’m not okay, maybe you’re not okay.  The trolls and apologists still come around, although not very often.  I think they miss the good old days of Diane going head to head with them.  If you’re looking for amnesty or forgiveness, this is the wrong site.  I’m not able to offer absolution.  I can only ramble about my perspective.  You can either appreciate it, think I’m full of it, respect it, hate it, whatever.  I do know that I get tired.  I lost a lot of years.

Oldie always said that the Organization was your retirement.  Ah, if only that was true!  How many former cadre who invested so many years could expect to draw upon such a pension?  The reality is that there is no such thing.  Even if you’re still in it, how many current cadre have you seen actually retire?  No, they either leave for whatever reason or they die.

There are some sad memories I have.  Persons died while in service to the Organization.  I remember Polly and think what a waste for someone so young to put off medical treatment in favor of 16-18 hours a day service to the group.  That made me angry; she could have been saved.  Jim was another one who died far too young.  I’m not saying it’s less important that the old died simply because you expect that after a certain point.  It still hurts.  The good reverend, of course, as well as Pops and Robert T., just to mention a couple.  There was the medical student who left the Organization, a young man, who suffered a rock climbing accident and that was also sad.  When I die, I’m sure Margaret won’t even bother to come piss on my grave.  Oldie always said he was going to do that to Jeff’s grave.  Too many deaths yet we move on in life.

As always, the ramblings of this crazy person don’t amount to a hill of beans.  No one cares.  Oh wait — there are family members still suffering the loss of loved ones to the cult.  They want insight.  Someone once suggested that I was so damaged it scared the hell out of her and she feared for her son’s mental health (among other things).  Yeah, I’m broken.  Toss me into a trash can and find another blogger, or repair me with gold to make me more beautiful.  (Japanese pottery reference, by the way.  Aren’t I such a clever person?).

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  Okay, so apparently there are only around one hundred people who are part of the solution in the entire country.  Maybe it’s as high as one hundred fifty cadre.  I don’t know.  We can only go by reports of entities with just one or two persons as full-timers, and there’s no way of knowing with any certainty how many are in the WROC or NOC arenas.  Someone gave me the name of a PP OPS and indicated he was OPS for ten years, leaving me to scratch my head, never knew him.

I don’t know if Diane’s favorite apologist still runs his/her/its blog.  Check it out if you’re interested.  I gave up on it after the cavalcade of former cadre “outed” articles.  Vicious.  I don’t know what was worse, the ones he outed that he guessed right or the ones he outed that he guessed wrong.  Apparently when I was ten years old I seduced men into joining the Organization, which is just a disgusting mentality for someone to have, a classic justification by a pedophile.

There are those still trying to find a way out of the Organization.  They’ve been in it for so long they know no other way.  They feel trapped because they’ve been in it for thirty years and they have nowhere else to go.  They’ve fallen victim to the rote that the cult requires.  They may realize that it’s all a lie, but they’re afraid to leave.  What will happen to them?  It’s too late to start a job to earn a real pension.  Even priests and nuns get to a point where they can retire and the church takes care of them.  You can’t retire from the cult.  You work in it until you leave or die.


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May 17, 2017

I don’t get it

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Maybe I’m getting old and tired but I was reading something over and over…I just didn’t get it.  There just wasn’t enough to the message?  Perhaps I forgot the Aesophian?  Then I decided to let it go.  Sure, I remember POP as point of production, that’s not the problem.  I wondered if it was serious or someone poking fun.  It was fortuitous or sheer dumb luck that I happened to check that old e-mail account, used mainly to receive updates from a book selling site.

It made me realize that yesterdays blurred into a strange sense of vagueness.  I’m not even sure if the word surreal aptly describes it.  I do feel that I have made a small difference — nothing earth-shattering as others claim they have done.  Oh, during the heyday of this blog, there were multiple contributors submitting articles under the ghostwriter pseudonym.  That was years ago.  Those who haven’t died simply moved on to other things in their life.

Very few persons are interested in reminiscing.  That’s probably for the better.  Many events happened so long ago that such nostalgia is just a footnote in a counseling session.  You eventually get better and move forward with life.  Or maybe you don’t get better, letting it eat away inside you until you slowly slip into the madness, unable to escape, and then it ruins you.

The question, “Is it a cult?”  It has divided the survivor community in several ways.  Sure, there were the true believers.  Many joined because they wanted to believe in something.  They felt they were making a difference.  When exactly did it all go to hell?  What happened when so many left?  If you believe in an afterlife, do you think those who passed beyond have finally reconciled events?  Too many questions of contemplation.

What about those still in it?  Only a handful remain, and none from the earliest of days.  It’s the second and third generations now, along with whatever new recruits come and go.  It’s not the same.  There are no five-year plans, or even twelve-year plans if you take into account an industrialized nation.  (Assuming, of course, that I’m remembering that point with the slightest degree of accuracy.).

Be of good cheer, fellow survivors.  Most of us are doing okay.

April 30, 2017

Comment not approved

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Okay, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.  There just isn’t interest in an obscure cult that can’t even make gains during the current political climate.  We can’t confirm the latest rumor that the cadre base fell under one hundred.  In fact, we think that’s wishful thinking on someone’s part.  They’re not closing any MBA doors.  Maybe some of the business operations are falling apart, but again, we don’t know with any certainty.

What we do know is that we’re not going to approve any comment from someone interested in outing former cadre.  What is the point of outing someone who has been out for twenty years or more?  Furthermore, the things being said about these persons are just wrong on so many levels.  This is an example of someone who wasn’t there — or worse, the apologist is back attempting to stir up the pot.  Let’s face it, Mister Apologist, you won.  You’ve totally disbanded the network of former cadre; but at whose expense?

The ones still hoping to get out their loved ones some day, some time, some how.

We’re not saying that the cult lost all ability to recruit.  There are some colleges that still allow their students to participate in practical programs.  They allow their professors to invite speakers into the classroom.  We even heard a curious tale of a couple of the front operations resorting to bucket driving the airports as a quick fix to rent calamities.  We continue to hear of “organizers” who never spent a day in the field continuing to blindly read from the EO or STP’s as they claim authority as liaison.

We’re more interested in those who seek information on how to get out their loved ones.  We’re not going to advise anything illegal.  We don’t know the magic words.  All we can do is offer insight as to what it was like, what was the appeal, the hopes for a better future eventually subdued by internal posturing by alphas more interested in cash flows to support lavish lifestyles.  Yes, we’ve heard they don’t have multi-million dollar mansions (are you sure about that?) and the myth of $10K diamond earrings hanging from the lobes of the leader is just a myth (some of us did see that, by the way).

So now we’re back at square one of blaming a former cadre for recruiting another former cadre who is completely and totally messed up for life.  Take out your anger on the Organization.  What are you doing to bring it down?  Your stories are sad if there is a kernel of truth to them, and perhaps there is, but we’ve covered this in previous articles and private correspondence.

No one wants to rehash those old arguments.  People are tired of them.  If Diane was still alive, she might entertain another round with you, but I suspect she would have rolled her eyes and said something like, “That wart’s back?”

If you have any news, drop a note.  If you’re trying to roast someone alive inside a bronze bull, take it to the ancient world.  Who knows?  You might even earn a few power ups and extra lives playing your bizarre little video game.

March 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered what happened to so-and-so?

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Believe it or not, the number one question of all time asked by visitors is: what happened to so-and-so?

Damned if I know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell some random inquirer.  I was asked what happened to so-and-so who left the Organization in 1984 and the inquirer really wanted to reconnect.  Huh?  That was 33 years ago.  If so-and-so didn’t reconnect with you already…

Was it really so long ago?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m not saying that everything on the internet is true.  If someone were to look me up, they would find information mixed and confusing because one of my half-sisters has the same name.  I guess Dad was too lazy to come up with something original for wife number three, or he just forgot that he already had a kid by that name.  I guess you lose track after fifteen kids (four marriages, twenty-one kids in total).  She sounds off every time someone thinks he/she is being smart with the “background search” whatever tool being used and then gets really strange e-mails (sometimes even harassing or threatening contacts too).  She forwards the e-mails and then does her rant and rave.

Oy, what a situation!

There was a time we had an emphasis on helping former cadre reconnect with family, but the apologists really had too much fun with it impersonating family members and such.  For an Organization that has policy against the internet, their apologists sure do have a lot of free time to stir the pot on it.  However, they’re out to discredit the vocal former cadre, which the group refers to as The Network.  Wow, sounds like a bad movie.  Someone start popping the corn.

If I happen to know how to contact someone, I’ll e-mail him/her first and let them know some Tom/Dick/Harry is looking for them.  Most of the time, the person is agreeable to the contact, but there are a couple of people who just don’t want the contact.  Why?  Well, the inquirer, regardless of how sincere he/she might be, is an insufferable king of the world beats the crap out of everyone and every other toxic thing you can imagine.  Or the former cadre is just so jaded by the impersonations/allegations/tribulations/etc. they just don’t care anymore.  Maybe it’s something I’m completely in the dark about, mushroom that I am (yes, in the dark, as we’ve been told on many occasions).

I’m not going to promise anything, for I have little or nothing to offer except a good luck on your research.

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